05.30 What a week... in solidarity with the Mayorales Union

The Dianne Morales Campaign Saga, Outdoor Civic Newsroom Voterfest, More Merch!

What a week… Reclaim the gradient became a vibe this week. Here’s why: 

Maybe you’ve heard, but the Dianne Morales campaign got rocked this week when—out of the blue (to us at least!)—the campaign manager stepped down amidst vague accusations of a toxic work environment. Shortly after a duo were let go and things seemed to be settled, but then 4 staffers were terminated for what appears to be their effort to unionize the #Dianneverse. So what happened? Why were campaign staffers trying to unionize under the most progressive candidate in the mayoral race?  

What we know is there were some toxic actors mixed with an underpaid and overworked Dianne Morales campaign team. While working to set things right, those that stood up for the young Black, Brown, and Queer staffers and volunteers—the very backbone of this campaign—left the campaign in disappointment or were terminated.

Dianne has not seemed to meet this moment with the dignity or transparency she often spoke of during forums or when meeting with constituents. In the words of @NiaToniTone, “I don’t need perfection but I do need accountability.” This has (obviously) caused us to doubt Dianne Morales’ ability to lead a grassroots campaign, let alone the largest city in the USA, devoid of the toxicity and systemic racism she so often states she opposes. 

We still believe in her platform that centers dignity as well as the amazing people who came together to create one of the most exciting and progressive campaigns in NYC history. We know the members of the Mayorales Union are working to achieve the goals the campaign was built on, whether it’s with a specific candidate or through community action. That is why we stand in solidarity with the Mayorales Union who are performing a work stoppage until their simple demands are met:

  1. Immediately rehire their democratically elected union leaders and organize a time for staff to access offices to collect belongings.

  2. Revised equitable compensation.

  3. A new and expanded leadership structure that is co-created with campaign staff.

  4. Grievance process to create a neutral avenue for reporting workplace misconduct.

Campaigns are *intense* to say the least. and all staff, organizers, volunteers, phone-bankers, and door-knockers deserve respect, dignity, a workplace free from abuse, and a liveable wage. 

We’ll have our full ranking for mayor and the rest of the city-wide seats next week when we release the voter guide.

More below, including the 2nd Dem Mayoral debate, Secret Summer Sundays by Secret Riso Club, and a handy web tool to compare Mayoral platforms.

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  • WATCH: Wednesday 06.02 7pm: The 2nd Dem Mayoral Debate on ABC

    • This is the second debate and the first with candidates debating each other IRL!


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