06.13 Vote Early for Maya Wiley (bc Eric Adams lives in NJ)

SPV public event on Mon at artist Rashid Johnson's Red Stage at Astor Place!

It’s finally here everyone: EARLY VOTING HAS BEGUN!

Get out there and make some informed votes (and use our handy guide!). We made this voter guide to make voting EASY by doing a bunch of research for you. Let’s level up! Share it with your fam, friends, IG community, because we have a chance to elect a caring and compassionate mayor—our #1 Maya Wiley—and a transformative city council!

Go to findmypollsite.vote.nyc to find your early voting location (differs from election day) and see a sample ballot.

Early Voting hours:

  • Sun 6/13—8am to 5pm

  • Mon 6/14—7am to 4pm

  • Tues 6/15—10am to 8pm

  • Wed 6/16—10am to 8pm

  • Thurs 6/17—10am to 8pm

  • Fri 6/18—7am to 4pm

  • Sat 6/19—8am to 5pm

  • Sun 6/20—8am to 4pm


In other news, we found out this week that Eric Adams, the man who famously told new NYers to “go back to Ohio”, probably lives in NJ… What??? Adams, a self-described blue collar NYer, who owns 3 homes, sleeps on a mattress in Borough Hall, and calls into forums from Ft. Lee NJ, allowed press to invade his son’s apartment, claiming it was his. Eric Adams please get out of our collective rooms… and just stay in NJ! 

The good news is that Maya Wiley has picked up the endorsement of US Representative of NY’s 14th congressional district, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (she also got the nod from Elizabeth Warren, Jumaane Williams, and Jamaal Bowman)—Yeeeee! The momentum is building and the latest polling has her coming in ahead of Yang and Garcia. You hear that people? 

Maya Wiley is the one to vote for to not only have a compassionate recovery from the pandemic, but to block Eric Adams from becoming mayor.

JOIN US ON MONDAY for an IRL event at Astor Place with Creative Time, For Freedoms and visual artist Rashid Johnson! More info below. 


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Also the last mayoral debate, voter guides, and voter rights!


  • ACTION: Sunday 06.13 12pm: #BROOKLYNLIBERATION An Action for Trans Youth outside the Brooklyn Museum

    • Rally + march to follow. Wear white + mask. Trans youth are under attack, show up fight back. No pride for some without liberation for all.

  • WATCH: Wednesday 06.16  7pm: Last Mayoral Debate on NBC

    • This is the last time we get to see the candidates go at it before election day on June 22.

  • ACTION: Saturday 06.19 12pm: Voterfest: Outdoor Civic Newsroom with The City

    • There will be music, locally catered food, a collaborative art project — and information and activities to help you learn more about the coming election.

    • @ Browne Playground in Flushing Queens (Barclay & Union Streets). Sign up!

  • ACTION: 06.12-06.22: Get Out The Vote Call Banking with Democracy NYC

    • Help turn it up for the NYC Primary Election by helping your fellow NYers get ready to vote! Sign up!

  • ACTION: 06.12-06.20: EARLY VOTING!



  • MONDAY: JUNE 14th: Soft Power Vote will be offering voter info @ Rashid Johnson’s Red Stage with Creative Time & For Freedoms 😉 Join us!

    • Situated on Astor Place, one of the city’s most historic and iconic plazas, Rashid Johnson’s Red Stage is a public invitation to experiment and create after a year of chronic anxiety.



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Voter Resources

Know your rights!

  • 🔹 Employees are eligible for 2 hours of paid time off from work if there is not enough time to vote

  • 🔹 If you mess up, you can ask for a fresh ballot

  • 🔹 You can request up to 3 new ballots

  • 🔹 You can bring voting materials

  • 🔹 Magnifying glasses are available

  • 🔹 Ask for help!

  • 🔹 Ask for an interpreter!

  • 🔹 Any issues? Request and AFFIDAVIT BALLOT

  • 🔹 In line by 9 pm—you have a right to vote! Do not leave the poll site.

  • 🔹 All formerly incarcerated have a right to vote

Important Dates

  • 06.21 Last Day to Apply In-Person for Absentee/Mail-in Ballot

  • 06.12 - 06.20 Early Voting for Primary

  • 06.22 Last Day to Postmark/Deliver to BOE Absentee/Mail-in Ballot

  • 06.22 Primary Election Day

Soft Power Vote SPV Community Folder is still a thing! 

Soft Power Vote is an independent initiative founded by three New Yorkers who wanted more out of voting. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and check out our website. Our linktree is stacked with civic engagement links like checking on your voter registration status, finding your poll site, and the holy grail: finding your representatives! If you have the bandwidth, support our work via Venmo or Cash App (@softpowervote).