06.20 Election Day—JUNE 22 (the last day to vote)

Go vote!

The June 22 primary election day is finally here!

If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you’ve got a plan for the big day. You can vote in-person or simply drop your absentee ballot off at any voting location or Board of Elections office. June 22 is also the deadline to mail your absentee ballot (gotta get that June 22 postmark!). This is our chance to transform NYC—let’s #LEVELUP!

Find your voting location at findmypollsite.vote.nyc and remember election day voting locations are different from early voting. Poll sites are open 6am - 9pm.

Need help ranking your candidates, we’ve got you! The Soft Power voter guide ranks everything! You can use the guide in the voting booth too (our Instagram voter guide makes it easy). Share it with your fam, friends, and community!

We’ll have preliminary results from in-person voting the night of the election, but will have to wait until absentee ballots are counted the week of July 12 for final results—this allows for all absentee ballots to arrive at the BOE, voter rolls to be checked, and for oath envelope issue cure time. This wait will be excruciating, but it does ensure every vote is counted.

Remember, if no candidate gets over 50% of first round first choice votes, ranked choice voting will be triggered.

More below, including episode 1 of our Level Up podcast, voter guides, & voter rights.




Voter Resources

The Soft Power Voter Guide

The City Voter Resource

NYC Votes Candidate Guide

Citizen Union Elect NYC Voter Resource

Community Service Society Candidate Guide

Know your rights!

🔹 Employees are eligible for 2 hours paid time off from work if there is not enough time to vote

🔹 If you mess up, you can ask for a fresh ballot

🔹 You can request up to 3 new ballots

🔹 You can bring voting materials

🔹 Magnifying glasses are available

🔹 Ask for help!

🔹 Ask for an interpreter!

🔹 Any issues? Request and AFFIDAVIT BALLOT

🔹 In line by closing time and you have a right to vote

🔹 All formerly incarcerated have a right to vote


Important Dates

06.20 Last Early Voting Day

06.21 Last Day to Apply In-Person for Absentee/Mail-in Ballot

06.22 Last Day to Postmark/Deliver to BOE Absentee/Mail-in Ballot

06.22 Primary Election Day

Soft Power Vote SPV Community Folder is still a thing! 

Soft Power Vote is an independent initiative founded by three New Yorkers who wanted more out of voting. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and check out our website. Our linktree is stacked with civic engagement links like checking on your voter registration status, finding your poll site, and the holy grail: finding your representatives! If you have the bandwidth, support our work via Venmo or Cash App (@softpowervote).