06.27 Primary Election Aftermath

Now we wait until July for results, but here's what we know!


Yo, thank YOU to our SPV community for sharing the voter guide. We reached over 14.4k users on IG and 11k of that were people OUTSIDE of the SPV network. That’s badass. In the week leading up to Primary Day, our IG posts made over 78k impressions. And for those of y’all who donated to SPV—THANK YOU!—it does not go unnoticed!


Hey, y’all! We did it. We voted in our FIRST ranked-choice-voting Primary. The General Election in November will not be ranked. RCV brings a lot of equity and fairness to the table. Before 2020 candidates could win a race with a majority and in some cases only 21% of the vote! That’s not right. Now, with Ranked Choice Voting, a candidate needs 50%+1 to win—this makes sense. 

We’ve got the unofficial in-person first-round results and they are illuminating. It’s estimated that there have been 930,000 Dem votes cast—the highest primary voter turnout since David Dinkins (NYC’s first and only Black mayor) was elected in 1989—and absentee ballots are still rolling in. Though this is much higher than the 437,000 who showed up for the 2017 mayoral primary, it’s still <10% of New Yorkers…

Here’s our roundup of what we know:




  • Jumaane Williams has been reelected as public advocate! No surprises here, but still, so happy to have him continue fighting for us in that role.


  • Brad Lander, our #1, holds an almost 9 point lead in the comptroller's race over Corey Johnson,  the late addition and mayor’s race dropout, who bungled all the goodwill in the world during last summer’s budget negotiations. 



  • Alvin Bragg is being considered the winner for Manhattan District Attorney with a slight lead over Tali Farhadian Weinstein! Although he wasn’t our pick, he’s actually pretty revolutionary compared to Weinstein as well as every other DA out there. Our favorite, Eliza Orlins didn’t make the cut, but we are proud of her grassroots campaign that pushed many of the other candidates left!


  • Ranked-choice voting will be triggered in all the races that didn’t have a 50%+1 winter (so like, most races lol). 

  • Tuesday, 06.29: Deadline for absentee ballots to arrive. In-person ballot tabulation begins. 

  • 07.12: Absentee ballots counted the week of July 12th to allow for the BoE to double-check the voter rolls and for oath envelope cure time. 

  • With over 90k absentee ballots already received by the BOE and approximately 130k more outstanding, we might possibly see some dramatic swings in a handful of races.


Check out our first mini-podcast series where we speak activists, policy wonks, and designers breathing new life into the June Primary.

  • Episode 1: Design and Politics with Jiar Zeman

    • Remember Dianne Morales? Well, Jiar was the creative mind behind the Morales campaign re-brand. She dives into language equity on political collateral and how she brings campaigns to life with design.

  • Episode 2: Community and Co-Governance with Elizabeth Adams (CD-33 candidate)

    • Elizabeth would be the first woman to represent this district (BK-waterfront) and she brings with her a stacked resume of advocacy with Planned Parenthood and as the legislative director fo the current council member for CD-33. city 

  • Episode 3: Running as an Ally with Aleda Gagarin (CD-29 candidate)

    • Aleda Gagarin was SO easy to chat with. She’s a natural leader, public speaker, and people person. Last year she was the campaign manager for her partner’s congressional bid, Mel Gagarin, and this year, he’s managing HER campaign. How do they do it?! Not only that, Aleda decided to run because her community asked her to. So what does it mean to run as an ally? We chat about family, politics, and where to get a cute snack in central Queens.  


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We’ll be going monthly until the lead-up to the General Election in November, but our DMs are always open! Feel free to hit us up on IG or Twitter @SoftPowerVote or shoot us an email at softpowervote@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter with all the certified primary results.


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